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Freshen Up Your Sofa: A Proven Method to Eliminate Stains and Odors

Freshen Up Your Sofa: A Proven Method to Eliminate Stains and Odors

Whenever you’re tired your sofa must be your haven to dive straight in to.

You might have spend last night watching your favourite TV show on BBC on your sofa, eating pizza with extra cheese toppings on it.

Your little kiddo might have lost his bowel control on it.

The point is that your sofa, be it suede, leather or fabric is a space which attracts stain no matter how much you want it to be clean and fresh.

Sofa cleaning services in Dubai often recommends to clean it every other day to avoid the burden of a thorough cleaning.

“Haa” you might be laughing at this blog for sure, meanwhile watching at the dire state of your sofa.

Okay, you might be finding it hard to clean your sofa every day for your hectic schedule.

Here are some tips suggested by experts providing services of sofa shampooing in Sharjah to clean your sofa once every week. That’s pretty doable, don’t you think?

Brushing your sofa

Get started if you’re lazy, to get your sofa cleaned. Play some music and start with mild brushing. Use another white cloth to give it a nice wipe. See this as a warm up.

Vacuum on medium speed

It is recommended by most expert sofa cleaning services in Dubai to go for mild to moderate vacuum on your sofa.

In this process please don’t forget to look for hidden spots and places where it is hard to reach.

Identify the required cleaner:

Now that the dust is removed spot the stained surfaces. It’s time to use a detergent.

Wait! Don’t be in a haste. First look for the recommendation tag provided by the manufacturer. It must be somewhere on the fringes of your sofa.

What does it say?

W? It means use water based cleaner.

SW? Okay you can go for solvent or water based cleaners.

S? Go for solvent based chemicals only.

Go ahead with wiping your sofa with appropriate cleaner.

Apply cleaning mixture

Still not clean. Okay try this out. Mix water and baking soda in mild quantities. Try applying them on the stained spots. Always prefer a white clean cloth to apply the mixture. Let it there for a few minutes. Then wipe it away with wet and soft cloth.

Remember if your sofa code recommends only vacuuming it is best to reach out to an expert team who do sofa shampooing in Sharjah. They will have chemical free solutions and techniques to clean your sofa.

These methods are best applicable when the stain in your sofa is mild and treatable. In extreme situations it is always better to seek expert help from sofa cleaning services in Dubai.

Just a click away in your browser :‘sofa shampooing in Sharjah’,  we the best are there to assist you.

While there are many sofa cleaning services in Dubai, only the best can provide innovative solutions to myriad possibilities of stains out there.

Feel free to reach out to Urgent In Cleaning Service to give that professional touch for your sofa. With a commitment to provide best services we are in an endeavour to retain a long term relation with our customer base with the best sofa cleaning services in Dubai. We without doubt provide the best sofa shampooing in Sharjah.

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