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How to Properly Steam Clean Your Mattress for Best Results

How to Properly Steam Clean Your Mattress for Best Results

Mattresses, being a comfortable resting place, constantly deal with sweat, dead cells, hair follicles, dust mites, and pet dander’s. They are also vulnerable to staining and often expel bad odors.

As a space for sleeping leaving them untreated has implications for our overall health. A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has found a significant association between exposure to dust mite allergens in mattresses and the development of asthma symptoms in children. The chances of bacterial contamination and the impacts on sleep quality and skin health are the subject matters of similar studies. 

Thus it is important to clean mattresses for a healthy life. There are several chemical cleaning solutions available in the market. However, choosing environment-friendly solutions will benefit the interest of better air quality. Steam Clean is an ideal solution for sustainable mattress cleaning practices.

Here is a guide to effectively steam clean the mattresses. It is a DIY solution that can be tried out before approaching any professional mattress cleaning company Dubai.

Step-by-Step Guide to Steam Clean the Mattress

  • Step1: Remove and Clean sheets and pillows

Remove sheets and pillow to expose the mattress for an effective cleaning. Don’t just leave them in a corner. Instead, clean them in a machine with a setting for heating. Most pillows can be cleaned in a washing machine. However, it is advisable to look for manufacturer guidelines that might be attached to any edge of the pillow.

  • Step 2: Deodorise

This is one of the challenges faced by steam cleaning services Dubai when they sign up for mattress cleaning. Mattresses expel stubborn odours especially if they are left unclean for a few years. 

As a simple DIY approach baking soda is a safe solution. Sprinkle the mattress surface with it and let it absorb the odors. Experts usually prefer to keep them for at least one hour. If the smell is that stubborn waiting time can extend up to 24 hours. Adding a few drops of essential oil such as eucalyptus can be helpful to result in better fragrance.

  • Step 3: Vacuum 

Now that the odor has been eliminated or minimized vacuum the applied baking soda. Vacuum is also essential to remove dust or any loose fabrics. This will facilitate a mattress free of any barriers to steam penetration while steam cleaning. 

A vacuum with an extended hose with a wide mouth can make the process easier. Make sure to reach every corner and side of the mattress with short strokes. 

  • Step 4: Steam Clean

Choose a steam cleaner with the capacity to heat water to 100 to 120 degrees Celsius. This is the optimum heat range required to kill dust mites and bacteria. Mattress cleaning companies in Dubai will have the right machinery for steam cleaning. In an attempt to DIY you can choose a household steamer or a large commercial rental. Iron with steaming functions is also suitable for this.

While steaming make sure that the cleaner doesn’t touch the fabric. This is to avoid any harm to the mattress material. Keep an optimum space between the cleaner and the mattress for to control moisture. Keeping this distance make even and short strokes through the mattress. A systematic approach will help to avoid excess wetting. 

  • Step 5: Dry it Completely 

The moisture content in the bed is a conducive environment for bacteria and dust mites. Hence it is essential to leave the mattress for at least 3 to 4 hours to air dry it. Keep the windows open and place them below a fan. Before using the sheets and pillows on the bed make sure that it is clear of any moisture by pressing a towel against the entire surface.

Thus steam cleaning is an easy task that can be done with the help of the right equipment. Also, try to hire mattress cleaning companies in Dubai once in a while to avail their expertise and machinery. 

Urgent In Cleaning Services with our state-of-the-art methods and expert team of professionals is a reliable service for cleaning your mattress. Our expertise can be traced back to the countless positive reviews from our satisfied customers. 

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